Types of Visas and Fees issued by
the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Type of Visa Fee duration of stay
Tourist Visa SR 80 28 days
Social Visit Visa SR 140 28 days
Business Visa SR 140 70 days
Multiple Journey Entry Visa (Business) SR 680 70 days


  1.     A Valid passport (with validity of minimum period of six months)
  2.     A duly filled Visa Application Form
  3.     Two recent passport size color photographs
  4.     Letter from sponsor/ company
  5.     Copy of Iqama (Identity Card)
  6.     Schedule or date of entry into and departure from Myanmar (in writing)
  7.     If applying for Business visa, Invitation letter from a company or organization in Myanmar should be submitted.
  8.      Additional documents may be requested if deemed necessary

Download Visa Form

  1.     Tourist Visa Form (only for tourist)
  2.     Business/ Social/Multiple Journey Entry Visa Form